COR now accepting applications for Visiting Scholar Program

Visiting Scholar Program, Center for Children’s Oral Health Research at UCSF

The Center for Children’s Oral Health Research (COR) is inviting applications for a self-pay visiting scholar program. The scholar will have the opportunity to work directly with a COR research faculty to develop a program tailored to their research interest in clinical, translational or basic science research related to children’s oral health.

For scholars interested in translational research, there will be an additional opportunity work with COR faculty to gain insight into clinical pediatric dentistry through clinic observation and seminars. The insights gained in clinical care can then be applied to their research questions.

Requirements/ Prerequisites for Admission

The scholar must have research experience related to children’s oral health. Preference will be given to applicants who also hold a faculty position in the area related to children’s oral health.

Applicants will be considered after ALL of the following materials are submitted.

1. A completed application for admission to the scholarship program (see attached PDF files).

2. Three letters of reference from persons with knowledge of the applicant's skills and potential, submitted in signed and sealed envelopes.

3. Evidence of English Language Proficiency. Proficiency can be demonstrated by a minimum TOEFL score of 550 for a written-based test, 213 for a computer-based test, or 79/80 for an Internet-based test, or an interview with a COR faculty member, is required of students from non English speaking countries.

4. A nonrefundable application fee of $250 in the form of traveler's checks or a check drawn on a U.S. bank, made out to UC Regents.

5. Evidence of sufficient funds to support living expenses and the cost of the scholar fellowship program (see below for fees).

Limits of Enrollment

Accepted applicants are initially accepted for 12 months. At the end of the first year, the scholar may enroll for a second year with permission from their faculty mentor.


The applicant is responsible for their living and housing expenses, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and insurance as required by the UCSF International Student and Scholars Office. A fee of $16,500 per year is required to pay for administration, research supply, and training costs for the visiting scholar program.

For translational research scholars, there will be an additional $3,000 fee for the limited clinical related education and experience with a total cost of $19,500.

Immigration Requirements

International applicants who are offered position as a COR visiting scholar, will be supported by a J-1 Student-Non Degree visa. For information on the J-1 Student Non-Degree visa, please visit the UCSF International Student and Scholars Office website at: or send email to [email protected] .

Health Insurance

All visiting scholars to UCSF are required to provide evidence of medical insurance during all periods of registration (see UCSF International Student and Scholars Office website for detailed information). Medical Insurance is not provided by UCSF for fellowship students, and fellowship students cannot be seen at the student health service.

Applicants who plan to include clinical observation in their program must obtain health clearance. The health clearance must include a completed physical examination and demonstration of immunity to certain communicable diseases. A TB test (a PPD or Mantoux if the applicant has not received BCG immunization) will also be necessary.

Application form

Language proficiency form

Return completed application form to:

Ling Zhan, DDS, PhD

COR Visiting Scholar Program Director

Address: Box 0440

521 Parnassus Ave, Clinic Sci Room 522C

San Francisco, CA 94143

Phone(415) 476-8226

Email: [email protected]